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Dr. Karen Roach

Medical Director

Dr. Roach claims she was born with her career choice in her heart—even at a young age, she would play vet with her stuffed animals, sewing them up with her mother’s sewing kit. Now she cares for real pets daily as a Veterinarian at Noah’s Caring Hands Animal Hospital!

Karen grew up in a small, semi-rural town with many pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits, ducks, fish, and turtles. She volunteered for a local veterinarian when she used to work at a library. After deciding to pursue veterinary medicine, she graduated from Purdue University’s School of Veterinary Medicine in 1997. She then started working for the animal hospital that would eventually become Noah’s Caring Hands.

At home, Dr. Roach lives with her husband of 21 years and their two sons. The family has a Golden Retriever named Jack.

Dr. Roach’s newest hobby is gardening. She also likes boating, camping, hiking, swimming, and biking with her boys. She’s also been passionate about art for many years—her high school art teacher was upset when Karen told her she was going to become a veterinarian!

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Photo of Dr. Karen  Roach

Dr. Mary Grabow


Dr. Grabow was born in California, then moved to Connecticut when she was only a year old. She moved to Indiana in the 7th grade and has lived here ever since.

Dr. Grabow started working for the Noah’s family of animal hospitals when she was just 14 years old, as a kennel assistant. She worked her way up, filling any position she needed to. She completed her veterinary schooling at Purdue University. Now, she’s worked at Noah’s for over 32 years!

Client education is an area of particular interest to Dr. Grabow. She loves preventative care and behavior training, especially with puppies. She’s also very interested in reproduction and loves performing c-sections.

Dr. Grabow lives with her husband John, who is in the National Guard and has deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. They have a daughter, Abby, and a son named John. Three dogs, three cats, three lizards, three tortoises, and a guinea pig also occupy their home!

In her spare time, Dr. Grabow enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and enjoys dogs and sea turtles. She even saw sea turtles lay their eggs on a South Carolina beach on her last family vacation.

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Photo of Dr. Mary  Grabow

Dr. Kaelyn Stevick


A native Michagander, Dr. Kaelyn Stevick grew up in Midland which, as the name implies, is right in the middle of the state, where the “hand” meets the “thumb”.

Dr. Stevick is a 2016 graduate of the Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and placed 6th out of her class of 112. She has completed externships during her senior year that have given her experience in dentistry, cardiology, ophthalmology and emergency medicine. She also won awards for academic excellence in pharmacology and anatomy.

At home, Dr. Stevick is the proud owner of her Bernese Mountain Dog, Daisy and she also has her warm-blood horse, Brinley.

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Photo of Dr. Kaelyn  Stevick

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