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Amy Fosnot RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician

Amy has been a member of our Noah’s Caring Hands team since she performed her externship from the International Business College (IBC) with us in 2009. Amy graduated from the veterinary technician program at IBC and passed her Veterinary Technician National Exam and is credentialed as a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT).
When not working with us part time, Amy has 1 dog (“Roscoe”) and 3 cats at home. She is also kept busy being mom to her daughter, Erin

Photo of  Amy  Fosnot RVT

Ashley Brand

Veterinary Assistant

Ashley Brand has grown up chasing and caring for horses around a boarding facility in Shelby County. This early exposure to large and small animals led her to enroll in the International Business College’s (IBC) Veterinary Technician program. Ashley will be the first to admit that although she loves her role and work at our veterinary hospital, she originally wanted to have a career of doing body work on and painting cars! Ashley graduated from the IBC program in December of 2015 and is looking forward to taking her Veterinary Technician National Exam and receiving her credentials as a Registered Veterinary Technician. Her work with us started in October of 2015.

Away from the clinic, Ashley spends time with her 2 horses (Sugar and Precious), her 3 dogs (Whiskey, Peaches and Nova) and her parrot, Dudley. She is also an avid artist, drawing her pets and other interesting objects around her home.

Photo of  Ashley  Brand

Ashley VanOsdol

Certified Veterinary Assistant – "Dessert Queen"

Ashley first joined our Noah’s Caring Hands team as a Pet Care Specialist in 2014 while she was still in school at Harrison College. As she graduated with her certification as a Veterinary Assistant, Ashley joined the technician side of our team!

At home, Ashley has 3 Huskies (Zero, Kody and Rissika) as well as her cat Truffles. She and her husband are passionate aquarium enthusiasts and are working to set up several salt water aquariums. Ashley is also our “go to” person when we need any sort of dessert (cupcakes, pies, cakes, etc) for our staff gatherings. Her Red Velvet cupcakes are especially amazing!!

Photo of  Ashley  VanOsdol

Denise DeCarlo

Veterinary Assistant – Technician Team Lead

Denise has been a member of our Noah’s family for more than 10 years. She has worked at several different Noah’s locations and is currently enrolled in the Distance Learning Veterinary Technician Program through Cedar Valley College in Dallas, TX. Denise is fond of working in surgery and dentistry and is a fantastic asset to our veterinarians due to her experience and dedication to excellence.

Denise has a great love for Great Pyrenees dogs and her current furry family member, Monique, is pictured here

Photo of  Denise  DeCarlo

Janet Eng

Client Service Representative

Janet comes to Noah’s via a wide variety of other client service positions, including Southwest Airlines! Janet’s dedication to making memorable experiences for her clients here at Noah’s Caring Hands can be seen in her smile and in her “never say no” attitude.

At home, Janet has 4 dogs and a very beautiful Persian cat named Bobo.

Photo of  Janet  Eng

Kara Wetzel

Technician Assistant and Veterinary Diet Expert!

Kara is one of Noah’s Caring Hands Animal Hospital’s technician assistants.  She has 4 to 5 years of customer service experience, and has spent the last three years with Noah’s.

Kara is a 10 year 4-H member of Hancock County, where she showed livestock.  Her 4-H experience developed her interest in veterinary medicine, and an opportunity became available for her to work at Noah’s.  She married her husband in November of 2013.  At home she has two cats, Guinness and Sierra, who have so much personality and provide her with plenty of entertainment and they have recently added a Lab named “Pia” to the mix.  Kara and her whole family welcomed their newest family member, daughter Mia, to the home in November of 2014.

Kara is also very proud of her father who has served several tours of duty with the US Navy.

Photo of  Kara  Wetzel

Kelcie Smith

Client Service Representative

From showing dairy goats in Greensburg and on the national stage to working on her family’s dairy farm, Kelcie has spent a lot of time around animals of varying sizes! Kelcie joined our team in February of 2016 as a Client Service Representative and it seems she has really found her home. Kelcie’s never-ending smile and calm demeanor are appreciated by our clients who arrive with rowdy or rambunctious pets.

Kelcie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Sciences and currently resides with 1 dog (Dexter), 3 cats (Mercedes, Bonny and Penny) as well as Nubian and LamMancha dairy goats on her family’s farm. If you enjoy the excitement of county fairs, you might find Kelcie busy judging exhibitors in the 4H and FFA categories.

Photo of  Kelcie  Smith

Leah Davis

Client Service Representative and Technician Assistant

Leah joined Noah’s Caring Hands as a client service representative in November 2012, finally fulfilling her dream to work with animals.  She enjoys learning and growing with the Noah’s team every day.  She finds her work very rewarding, and has never been happier!  Our clients certainly enjoy the attention the Leah lavishes on them and their furry family!

Leah has adopted “Red”, her American Bulldog and “Harley”, her Cane Corso.  These two big dogs occupy a LOT of her time! hen she is not working, Leah can be found at local fishing spots or enjoying a big bonfire with her friends.

Photo of  Leah  Davis

Natalie Taylor RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician

With a household that includes animals with fur, fins and feathers, it seems only natural that Natalie would migrate to working with animals as her chosen career. Natalie Taylor joined our Noah’s Caring Hands team in September of 2015, just before graduating from the International Business College’s Veterinary Technician Program in December of that year. Natalie passed the National Veterinary Technician Exam in March of 2015 and received her credentials as a Registered Veterinary Technician.

As mentioned above, Natalie’s home includes 2 dogs (a pug named Frankie and a Jack Russell named Keppler), Loki the Crested Gecko, Pogo the Bearded Dragon, VyVy and Meelow the Corn Snakes, a Kenyon Sand Boa, 12 finches, 4 goldfish and 2 betta fish. You might not think she has any time left over after working in the veterinary clinic and caring for her own pets, but Natalie is a self taught knitter/spinner/crochet expert of 7 years and an AVID anime/manga fan!

Photo of  Natalie  Taylor RVT

Tiffany Reuzenaar

Our "Pit Bull Freedom Fighter"

Tiffany is no stranger to working and dealing with pets of ALL sizes!!  From her earliest days at our Noah’s Westside location in 2006 and then her time spent in speciality clinics, Tiffany has amassed a great deal of knowledge that she provides in a compassionate and caring manner to clients and patients alike.  Tiffany works closely with Dr. Ball, doing acupuncture and has a strong passion for canine behavior.

When she is not busy taking care of her canine and feline patients here at Noah’s Caring Hands, Tiffany has her own hands full with three dogs, 2 cats, a horse, 2 goats, a pot bellied (miniature) pig and mini - donkeys at home.  When’s she’s not dealing with her menagarie, Tiffany and her husband, Justin, can be found outdoors, hiking and camping.   Tiffany is also a big fan of conventions, like Comic-Con!

Photo of  Tiffany  Reuzenaar

Thomas Dock, BSc, CVJ

Practice Manager

Thomas Dock has a strong background in both the sciences and communications.  After graduating from Purdue University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Genetic Biology and a minor in Chemistry, Tom has spent the last two decades helping educate pet owners and train veterinary employees.  As Director of Education for Noah’s Animal Hospitals from 2000 – 2007, Tom was directly responsible for teaching hundreds of employees about basic veterinary wellness care that could then be explained to the clients. 

In addition, Tom has worked very closely with the veterinary specialists at Noah’s, functioning as an assistant for special surgeries and advanced dental work and coordinated visits from the veterinary radiologists and internal medicine specialists.  After taking a sabbatical and moving to Colorado, Tom returned to Noah’s in the Spring of 2013 and now oversees the Growth and Development Committee for the business and is the practice manager at the Noah’s Caring Hands location in Geist.

In addition to his role in education, Tom also has had plenty of on-camera experience.  He has made regular appearances on the local Fox and CBS affiliates in Indianapolis and also on the nationally known Veterinary News Network.  He works closely with and provides reports for the nationally acclaimed “PetPalsTV”, seen in more than 20 different markets across the US.   He was a four time selection as a reporter for Conference TV Journal at the Western Veterinary Conference and was named Veterinary News Network “Reporter of the Year” in 2009.  Tom was the Managing Editor for the Veterinary News Network from 2007-2013 and used his love of animals, his passion for education and research with his media interests to help provide millions of pet owners with timely, accurate and trustworthy pet health information.  When not busy with veterinary practice or media related activities, Tom was involved with helping the community’s pets as the veterinary liaison for the Community Animal Response Team in Colorado Springs.  His duties include coordinating and managing pet care during emergencies and disasters, especially during the devastating Waldo Springs Canyon Fire in the summer of 2012.

Tom was the first non-veterinarian awarded credentials by the American Society of Veterinary Journalists and with a focus on both traditional and social media, Tom has been a frequent speaker at both national and veterinary conferences and has lectured at our country’s veterinary colleges as well.

Tom recently relocated back to Indiana from Colorado with his wife, son Keegan, his Mastiff, Loki and cat, Vulcan. Tom also is proud to report that his oldest son, Rob, is a dedicated team member at our Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care facility on the south side of Indianapolis    Away from pets and animals, Tom is an avid fantasy and sci-fi reader and enjoys a night out of Karaoke singing!

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Photo of  Thomas  Dock, BSc, CVJ

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