7 Super Cute Ways Your Cat Helps Around the House

The holidays are just around the corner! As you start making your preparations, your cat will be right there with you, supervising carefully. In fact, Fluffy may even be willing to lend a helping paw! Here, an Indianapolis, IN vet lists some adorable ways kitties help their human friends out.


Kitties love helping their human buddies with wrapping gifts. Your furball may lend a helping paw by jumping on the paper you’ve laid out, or hopping into the box you’re wrapping. Fluffy will also try to help you tie ribbon into bows!

Changing Sheets

Our feline friends like to make sure that their humans are making the beds properly, so they often join in the process. If you are preparing a spare room for visitors, Fluffy may very well help you with changing the sheets!

Decorating The Tree

Kitties love to help with decorating trees! Your frisky pet may bat at the ornaments to make sure you’ve hung them securely, or paw at the ribbon you’ve tied your presents with. She may even test the sturdiness of the tree by trying to climb it! Just be sure to put your helpful pet’s safety first: hang fragile ornaments on the top of the tree, and keep the sturdy, unbreakable ones on the bottom.


Fluffy will also help you out by knocking small objects off counters and tabletops, in order to remind you to dust one more time.

Fur Distribution

As far as Fluffy is concerned, making sure that your furniture is properly furred is very important! Your feline buddy will politely leave cat hair on your bed, sofa, and couch. (Tip: use a damp cloth, squeegee, or rubber dish gloves to get fur off your upholstery.)

Chair Warming

Have you ever gotten up for a moment, just to have your kitty immediately hop into the seat you just vacated? Fluffy’s not actually trying to steal your chair: she’s just keeping it warm for you!

Enhanced Relaxation

Once you’re done for the day, you may want to settle down with a good book or movie. Don’t be surprised if your kitty hops into your lap and starts purring. One of Fluffy’s most important jobs is helping you relax!

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your Indianapolis, IN pet hospital, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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