Does Your Bunny Have a Rabbitude?

Do you have a bunny for a pet? If so, you’ve got a very cute little animal companion. Don’t let that adorable face fool you, however. Bunnies may look sweet and innocent, but they actually can be quite stubborn and bossy, and even a bit mean! In order to understand your pet’s behavior and characteristics, you’ll want to do some research. Here, an Indianapolis, IN vet discusses Floppy’s rabbitude, and some possible reasons for it.

Intact Bunnies

Just like dogs and cats, bunnies are much calmer and better-behaved once they have been fixed. Intact rabbits are more likely to engage in certain behaviors, such as nipping, than spayed or neutered ones. If your furry pal hasn’t been fixed yet, we recommend that you get this done ASAP. Ask your vet for more information.


Bunnies can be quite stubborn! Floppy also holds some pretty strong opinions about certain things. For instance, your adorable pet may get annoyed if you rearrange her furniture, or take an old toy away from her.


Bunnies can be trained, but educating your cute little pet can take time and patience. Never punish your furball for misbehaving: rabbits don’t understand punishment, so this could make Floppy feel angry, confused, or anxious. If your furry pal does something wrong, say ‘No’ loudly, or stamp your foot.


Did you know that bunnies hold grudges? If you took a something away from Floppy the other day, she may very well still be mad at you!


Rabbits are very territorial! Some of these little furballs may bite or scratch if you reach into their cage unexpectedly. Floppy may also decide that a certain room or area is ‘hers’ and try to chase any intruders off. Designate a specific area for your feisty pet, and let her have that spot to herself.

Tips On Winning Trust

Many rabbits actually love being petted and cuddled, but it could take your furry pal a bit of time to get used to you. Spend time with Floppy, and work on winning her trust. Treats are great for this! Ask your vet for specific advice. Good basic care—a comfy cage, fun toys, good food, and regular free time—will also help your pet feel loved and safe.

Do you have questions about rabbit care? Feel free to contact us, your Indianapolis, IN pet hospital, today!

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