Cute Tricks You Can Teach a Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs, or cavies, as they are sometimes called, can really make great pets. These adorable little pets are usually friendly, cuddly, easy to care for, and lots of fun to watch. You may even be able to teach your tiny furball some cute tricks! An Indianapolis, IN vet lists some adorable options below.

Come When Called

To start training your cavy to come when called, simply hold out a treat and call his name. You also want to say your four-legged pal’s name as you are putting food in his bowl.


Start by holding a treat out in front of your pet. Position the treat so that it’s just out of your furry friend’s reach. When the little guy tries to get his snack, move your hand away, making a circle. Your furball will most likely turn in a circle to follow the treat. When he does, say ‘Circle’ and then hand over the treat. After that, it’s really just a matter of repetition. When you think your cavy is getting the hang of it, start giving the command before you give him his treat.

Stand Up

To teach your pint-sized buddy to stand, hold a treat over his head, so that he has to stand up to get it. When your furball stands, say ‘Stand’ and give him his reward. Just keep in mind that Guinea pigs aren’t well-suited to standing for long periods of time.

Jump Through Hoops

Start by holding the hoop out on the floor. With your other hand, hold out a snack, positioning yourself so that your cavy has to go through the hoop to get his prize. When he does, say ‘Jump’ and give him his treat.

Go Home

For this trick, start by tossing some tasty treats into your furry pal’s cage. Make sure your cavy sees you! Then, tell him to ‘Go home.’ Repeat this daily until the little guy gets the hint.


It’s very important for your little pet to feel relaxed and comfortable before you start training him. Before teaching your Guinea pig any tricks, made sure that he’s had plenty of time to settle into his cage and get used to his surroundings.

Do you have questions about your Guinea pig’s health, diet, or care? Contact us, your Indianapolis, IN pet hospital, today! We are happy to help!

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