7 Cute Ways Your Cat Demands Attention

Cats may have a reputation for being cool and aloof, but in truth they can actually be very loving, and often want nothing more than to be petted and cuddled. In fact, Fluffy has some pretty adorable ways of trying to get your attention! An Indianapolis, IN vet lists a few of them below.

Table Hockey

Does your cat sometimes smack small objects off countertops or coffee tables? While no one can say for sure exactly why kitties do this, there’s a good chance that it may be Fluffy’s way of trying to get you to pay attention to her.


Cats meow for many different reasons. Fluffy may speak up to let you know she’s hungry, or to tell you about the moth in the kitchen. She may also be telling you she wants to be petted or picked up right meow.

The Sprawl

Does Fluffy sometimes try to nap on your book or computer? Your feline overlord may disapprove of you reading or working when clearly you should be paying attention to her instead!

Running Out In Front Of You

Has your furball ever dashed out in front of you as you were walking? Kitties have a way of getting under our feet, sometimes literally. Your furry friend may very well be trying to get your attention by doing this. (Then again, she may be trying to trip you. With cats, you really never know.)

The Playful Pounce

While true aggression can be a serious problem with kitties, if Fluffy hides behind a plant just so she can run out at you and pounce on your ankles, she could be trying to get you to play with her.

The Leg Rub

If Fluffy rubs against your legs, she may very well be demanding attention. Then again, since your furball is actually rubbing her scent on you by doing this, she may simply be trying to claim ownership!

The Blatant Approach

If Fluffy hops into your lap and starts head-butting you, it’s probably safe to say that she is demanding kitty cuddle time. Indulge these adorable requests, and pay lots of attention to your feline friend. The love of a cat is a truly priceless gift!

Do you need to make an appointment for your pet? Does Fluffy need vaccinations or parasite control products? Contact us, your Indianapolis, IN animal hospital, today!

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