Celebrating National Dog Day

Did you know that August 26th was National Dog Day? Our canine buddies definitely deserve a special day of their own. Fido’s love, loyalty, intelligence, and general cuteness have earned him a special part in our lives and homes. Why not do something special for your furry friend on his special day? Read on for some great suggestions from an Indianapolis, IN vet on how to celebrate National Dog Day.


No doggy celebration would be complete without yummy snacks! Pick up some doggy ice cream at a local pet store or grocery market. Or, make your furry buddy some delicious homemade treats. You can find lots of great recipes online. Of course, your pet will also be delighted with some plain, cooked meat, chicken or fish. (Remember to remove the bones, fat, and skin.) Just be sure to only offer your four-legged friend safe, suitable treats. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Another great way to make your canine pal’s day is to get him some new playthings, and spend some time playing with him. Don’t forget to snap some cute pictures of Fido playing with his new toys!

Fun Trip

Dogs love to explore new places! Take your pooch to a new park or trail, so he can conquer different patches of grass. You can also get Fido’s cute tail wagging by bringing him to a local doggy café. If you really want to go all-out, book your four-legged companion a pet massage or swimming session.

Puppy Party

Invite some friends and family members with gentle, friendly dogs over, and have a puppy party. Do a potluck or grill-out for the humans, and offer your furry guests yummy snacks. Set out plenty of toys, and just watch your canine friends frolic and play. Just make sure that all of Fido’s buddies are current on their vaccinations and parasite control products.

Doggy Play Zone

This is a great time to take a look at Fido’s outdoor play area, and see if it could use a pupgrade. If your pet doesn’t have a doghouse, why not get him one? You can also make your furry pal’s outdoor space more fun for him by adding a kiddie pool or sandbox for him to play in.

Please contact us, your local Indianapolis, IN animal clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are always here to help!

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