Cat World Domination Day

June 24th is Take Your Cat To Work Day. Oddly, it is also Cat World Domination Day. Is this a coincidence? We think not. Fluffy may very well be plotting to take over the world! Read on as an Indianapolis, IN vet discusses Fluffy’s plans of domination.

Past Occurrences

As you may know, cats were highly revered in ancient Egypt. As one astute quote says, they have not forgotten this. Kitties also sailed the seas with Vikings and pirates. Currently, as many as 35 percent of American households are run by kitties. The time just may be ripe for Fluffy to set her sights on controlling the universe!

The Internet

Recent studies show that the internet is comprised of roughly 89 percent cat videos and memes. How did cats manage this? We can’t be entirely certain, but we suspect that kitties may have achieved this goal through osmosis, perhaps by laying or walking on their human servants’ computers. The possibility of cats controlling people through hypnosis is also an option.

The Tech Sector

As it turns out, Fluffy has quite a few fans—or secret agents—in the technology sector. In recent years, we’ve seen the advent of several automated cat toys, like robotic mice and mechanical laser pointers. There are now even apps you can download for your pet to play with on her phone or tablet.

Preparing For The Conquest

If you watch your cat closely, you may notice that she is already training to take over the world. Those cute little pounces and jumps are actually part of a slightly vigorous kitty domination workout routine. Fluffy may also be working on perfecting her smug, superior look. And you may have noticed that kitties are particularly fond of high places. This is so that your feline overlord can get a better view of her domain.


Are cats really trying to take over the world? Or are all these things simply circumstantial? We really don’t know, but when it comes to pets, we always recommend erring on the side of caution. This is no exception! Stay on your kitty’s good side by offering her great nutrition, proper veterinary care, and lots of cuddles. Fluffy will also appreciate soft beds, pet furniture, catnip mice, and tuna.

Does your feline overlord need vaccinations, parasite control, or an exam? Contact us, your Indianapolis, IN pet clinic, today!

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