The Rules of Living With Cats

If you have a kitty, you have probably realized that our feline friends are full of cute quirks. Fluffy may be small, but she definitely has a larger-than-life personality, and plays by her own rules. Actually, your cat may very well expect you to abide by her laws. In this article, an Indianapolis, IN vet lists a few of the rules of living with cats.

Fluffy Decides When It’s Cuddle Time

Kitties are very particular about when and how they get petted. Some friendly furballs will demand attention all day, every day, while others will only tolerate the occasional ear scratch. The main rule of thumb here is that Fluffy’s wishes are law. Too much attention, not enough attention, and the wrong type of attention are all very serious offenses to your cute pet.

Sleeping Late Is Not Allowed

Cats take breakfast very, very seriously. There’s a pretty good chance that your feline friend will wake you up when she’s ready for her morning meal. Fluffy’s methods may range from a light paw tap to a full-on foot attack.

Law of Possession

As the old saying says, possession is nine tenths of the law. In Fluffy’s book, this means that anything and everything in your home (including people) can be used as a cat bed at any given time. Your sleepy pet may take her morning nap on your bed, then move to your armchair, and then sprawl out on the sofa in the afternoon, before finally snuggling up on your lap for her evening snooze.

All Boxes Belong To Fluffy

Fluffy’s box obsession is no secret. Big cats, little cats, fat cats, fluffy cats … they all love boxes. You can be sure that if you put an empty box down on the floor, it will not stay empty for long.

Furever Friends

Cat fur is a fact of life for people that are owned by cats. Vacuum and dust frequently, and keep a lint roller handy. It will also help to brush your furball regularly, so that her dead hair gets trapped in the brush, instead of ending up stuck to your clothes. If your feline overlord starts purring while you’re brushing her, you’re doing it correctly.

Does your kitty need an exam, vaccines, or microchipping? We are here to provide excellent veterinary care. Call us, your Indianapolis, IN animal hospital, today!

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