Meet the Greyhound!

Did you know that April is officially Adopt A Greyhound Month? If you’re looking for a new canine companion, you may want to consider getting one of these sweet pups. Greyhounds have some wonderful qualities that can make them terrific pets. In this article, a local Indianapolis, IN vet discusses the Greyhound.


The Greyhound breed was officially recognized by the AKC in 1885. These lovable, intelligent dogs are renowned for their speed. Greyhounds can run up to 40mph! They are faster than many animals on the planet, although there are a few, such as the cheetah, that are quicker. It’s no surprise that the Greyhound became such a popular race dog. Today, many Greyhound rescues work very hard to try and rehome sweet, retired racing dogs.


Greyhounds are not typically aggressive by nature. In fact, many greyhounds have a rather timid disposition. They are very gentle and loving with their owners. Although some greyhounds do have a tendency to chase smaller animals, others can do very well with cats. It varies from dog to dog. Greyhounds do have a tendency to run, and aren’t always very wary of cars, so they should only be allowed off-leash in fenced areas. Loving and attentive, Greyhounds can make wonderful pets! Because they don’t have undercoats, they’re also a good match for people with allergies.


Many people think that, because greyhounds are so fast, that they need a lot of space, and a lot of exercise. Actually, these lovable pooches are often quite calm, and rather sleepy. They can spend up to 18 hours a day napping. When your canine buddy is awake, however, he will need some activity, so a home with a fenced yard is ideal. Greyhounds can also do well in apartments, though apartment dwellers will need to walk Fido daily, and give him a good run at least once a week.


Greyhounds have thin coats, so you’ll want to get your canine pal a coat for winter. (Bonus: Greyhounds need minimal grooming.) Fido may also appreciate a heated bed. These lovable pooches do tend to be very sensitive to chemicals, such as flea sprays, so ask your vet for specific recommendations before applying flea control products.

Does your dog need vaccinations or microchipping? Contact us, your Indianapolis, IN veterinary hospital, for all of Fido’s veterinary care needs. We are always here to help!

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