Senior Cat Care

Do you have a senior kitty? Cats typically enter their golden years between ages seven and ten. While Fluffy’s basic needs won’t change as she grows older, you may want to make some minor adjustments to her care routine to keep her happy, comfortable, and purring in her senior years. Read on for some great senior cat care tips from an Indianapolis, IN vet.


As your kitty grows older, she’ll somehow manage to sleep even more than she used to. Provide Fluffy with lots of soft beds to snuggle up in.


A litterbox with low walls might be easier for your older kitty to manage. If your house has more than one floor, put extra litterboxes on each story, so Fluffy doesn’t have to manage the stairs as much.


Sometimes senior cats develop vision problems. Keep a nightlight on for your kitty, to help her get around after dark.


Fluffy may have trouble grooming her entire body as she ages. Offer a helping hand, and gently brush your kitty. Offer praise and cuddles, so your pet feels like she’s being pampered.


Make sure your feline friend is eating a good, nutritious diet, but don’t overdo it with fatty snacks. You don’t want Fluffy becoming obese: that would be very bad for her health! Ask your vet for advice, including when to switch your cat to a senior-formula pet food.


Daily play sessions will help keep your kitty in shape, and will also offer Fluffy beneficial mental stimulation. Bonus: this will be fun for you, too!

Veterinary Care

Senior cats may need to see the vet a few times a year. Regular exams will allow your vet to monitor your aging kitty for signs of health problems. The sooner an issue is treated, the better! At home, watch for signs of sickness. Some common ones are hiding, poor grooming, litterbox woes, and changes in appetite, appearance, vocalization, or behavior. Contact your vet immediately if Fluffy has any of these symptoms.

Purrs and Cuddles

Your cat’s senior years are a special time. Pay lots of attention to Fluffy: pet her, cuddle her, and talk to her. You’ll find your furry old friend will still start her engine and purr for you!

Please contact us, your Indianapolis, IN veterinary hospital, for all your senior cat’s veterinary care needs. We are always here to help!

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