Spotlight on Doggy Treats

Did you know that February 23rd is National Dog Biscuit Day? Fido’s favorite snack now has its own official holiday! Nothing makes our canine friends happier than a yummy snack. Except perhaps a car ride. Or a long walk. Or a belly rub. Or a new toy. Regardless of what your pet’s favorite thing actually is, we’re pretty sure doggy treats are up there! In honor of this canine-friendly occasion, a local Indianapolis, IN vet discusses doggy treats.

Making Dog Biscuits

There are many different recipes for biscuits you can make your furry pal. Look for ones that use healthy, dog-friendly ingredients, such as peanut butter, wheat germ, honey, and/or sodium-free beef or chicken broth. You can add yummy extras like bacon bits, cheese, and shredded meat to customize your pup’s treats. Just be sure to avoid any ingredients that are not safe for dogs. Garlic and onions; grapes, currants, and raisins; nuts; chocolate; caffeine; and avocados are a few foods that are toxic to Man’s Best Friend. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Choosing Suitable Treats

With so many different doggy treats available, it can be hard to pick which one is best for your pooch. Fido will probably happily taste-test all of them, but you’ll want to be a bit picky when selecting your canine buddy’s snacks. Always read the labels. If you can’t pronounce most of the ingredients, much less identify them, choose a different brand. It’s also important to pick treats that are appropriate for Fido’s size.


Doggy treats are a great training aid. They certainly do get those tails wagging! Rewarding Fido for doing something correctly is a great way to reinforce good behavior. When working with your canine buddy, use smaller treats, like cut-up bits of deli meat or hot dogs, or smaller biscuits, so you don’t accidentally overfeed your furry pupil.

Tail Wags

Dogs are expert beggars. We know, those big, sad puppy dog eyes can be irresistible, but don’t overindulge your pooch with fatty treats. Fido could end up becoming obese, which is very bad for him!


In this day and age, product recalls are all too common. Dogs can get very sick from tainted or unsafe treats! You can monitor pet food recalls through the FDA site.

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