5 Reasons Reptiles Make Great Pets

Are you looking for a pretty and fascinating pet? A reptile may be a great choice for you! While owning a reptile is definitely not for everyone, these beautiful animals can make great pets. An Indianapolis, IN vet lists some of our scaly friends’ wonderful qualities in this article.

No Smells

One of the major benefits of having a reptile for a pet is that, typically, reptile owners won’t have to worry about pet odors in their home. As long as their cages are cleaned regularly, healthy reptiles won’t stink up your house. Keeping your pet’s habitat clean is very important, however, so you will need to regularly clean and disinfect your little buddy’s home.

Reduced Noise

Dogs, cats, and birds are all wonderful pets, but they can be a bit noisy. One good thing about having a reptile is that our scaled friends are generally very quiet. Reptile owners don’t have to worry about their animal companions keeping their neighbors up at night!

Reptiles Won’t Make You Sneeze

Allergies can make it difficult for some people to even be around dogs and cats, much less have them as pets. Reptiles can be a great choice for those who are allergic to our furry friends. Bonus: your pet won’t leave fur on your clothes or furniture, or track mud across your just-washed kitchen floor.

They’re Fun To Watch

While they aren’t as cuddly or outgoing as dogs or cats, reptiles do have their own personalities, and they can be just as cute as our furry friends. Geckos, snakes, lizards and other reptiles are also very beautiful, graceful, and fascinating. These pretty pets can be quite captivating to watch!

Low Maintenance

While every animal does need regular care, reptiles don’t always need much very done on a daily basis. This isn’t always the case, however: the amount of care your pet will need each day very much depends on what type of reptile you have. Snakes, for instance, don’t need to be fed every day, though they need fresh water daily. Iguanas, on the other hand, definitely require a good amount of daily care. Be sure to do your research before adopting a reptile, so you know what to expect.

Do you have any questions or concerns about caring for your pet reptile? We can help! Call us, your local Indianapolis, IN veterinary hospital, today!

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