Car Safety for Dogs

Does your pooch enjoy going on car rides? Man’s Best Friend loves to explore new places, so he often gets excited just at the sound of jingling car keys. When traveling with your pooch, always put your pet’s safety first. In this article, a local Indianapolis, IN vet discusses car safety for dogs


Fido may love to look out the window and feel the wind on his face, but he is much safer traveling in a crate. Letting your dog travel unrestrained is very dangerous, even with well-behaved dogs. Your canine pal could bump into the driver, or step on the power window control and choke himself or let himself out of the car. Dogs that stick their heads out the window are also at risk of getting dust, pebbles, or even insects in their eyes, nose, and/or mouths. Also, in case of an accident, there is nothing to prevent your pet from being thrown about. Fido will be much safer crated!


If you can’t fit Fido’s crate into your car, there are a few other options you can try. Dog barriers block Fido’s access to the front seat, which will at least eliminate the risk of him jostling the driver. While you can find doggy seatbelts, be sure to check safety ratings before purchasing these, as lower-quality ones could actually endanger your pet.


Just like people, dogs can get carsick. If your pooch gets queasy in moving vehicles, make sure to crack the windows so he always has fresh air. You can also try taking him on small rides to help him get used to riding in cars. If Fido is prone to carsickness, feed him only small amounts of food before car rides. Ask your vet about using medication to help your canine buddy deal with long journeys.


Never, ever leave your dog unattended in a car when the weather is hot or cold. Temperatures can rise very quickly inside a vehicle, and can reach deadly levels in a very short time. You don’t want Fido shivering from cold, either! If you can’t take your furbaby inside with you when you get to your destination, keep him at home, where he’ll be both safer and more comfortable.

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