Household Hazards for Dogs

If you have a dog, you may have noticed that our canine pals have a tendency to get into mischief now and then. Man’s Best Friend has some wonderful traits, such as loyalty and playfulness. Fido is very smart, but he doesn’t always know what’s good for him, so it’s up to you to keep him safe. Below, an Indianapolis, IN veterinarian discusses household hazards for dogs.


Many of our favorite foods are toxic to our furry pals. Chocolate, candy, and junk food are high on the list of foods that are dangerous to Fido. Avocados; grapes, currants, and raisins; macadamia nuts; and garlic, onions, scallions, and chives are on the no-no list as well. Also, never give your dog anything with Xylitol in it. Fruits with pits, such as peaches and cherries, are also very dangerous, as your canine buddy could choke on the hard centers.


Even dogs that are great swimmers can get into trouble if they fall into a pool and can’t find the exit. If you have a pool, make sure Fido can swim, and that he knows where the stairs are. Pool covers can also be dangerous, as Fido may not realize it isn’t a solid surface, and could hop onto it.


Dogs and fire are not a good mix! If you like to burn candles, be sure to place them in secure spots that are well out of your furry buddy’s reach, such as on wall sconces. Also, never leave your pooch alone with burning candles or a lit fireplace.


Many common household chemicals are very toxic to dogs. Antifreeze is at the top of the list, because it has a taste that many pets find appealing. You also want to be very careful with insecticides, fertilizer, and rodenticides. Fido could get sick just by licking his paw after walking across a lawn that was recently treated.


Medicine is another serious risk. Always store medication safely out of your pet’s reach. Fido could get very sick if he consumes human medicine!

Small Objects

As you may know, Fido sometimes tries to eat things that aren’t food. This makes many small, everyday items dangerous. Jewelry, craft kit pieces, plastic bags, and other small objects pose serious choking risks!

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