Provide Your Adult Cat With a Well-Rounded Diet

Your newly adopted orange tabby Taffy will be a very well-fed cat. Earlier this week, you brought this charming four-year-old feline home from your town’s animal shelter. After introducing her to your family, you helped her settle into your home’s routine. Bright and early the next day, Taffy visited your Indianapolis, IN vet for a new patient exam and expert nutritional counseling. After evaluating your cat’s nutritional needs and exercise habits, the vet prescribed a balanced diet that should give your active girl plenty of energy. Even better, she’ll crunch her kibbles from a lovely handcrafted bowl.

Powerful Proteins

Taffy’s cells, tissues, and organs crave plenty of quality protein. Her body will especially enjoy animal-sourced proteins such as beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, fish, and eggs.

Carbohydrates for Energy

Taffy’s vigorous exercise routine provides her with a trim little figure. To maintain her active lifestyle, carbohydrates give her tissues a regular supply of energy. Carbs also help to balance her reproductive cycle, although that’s less important since she’s been spayed. Although experts haven’t established a minimum carb requirement, your feline housemate needs a certain amount of glucose to support her brain and other vital organs.

Multifunctional Fats

Surprisingly, dietary fats play a key role in your active cat’s health. First, fats insulate her organs from extreme heat and cold; and they also shield those organs against injury. Fats assist in maintaining the integrity of her cell structures. Finally, fats furnish the densest form of energy, much more concentrated than proteins or carbohydrates.

Minerals and Vitamins

Taffy’s bone and teeth structures rely on minerals for their strength and integrity. These essential nutrients also help to balance her body’s fluids and regulate her metabolism. Vitamins also pitch in to normalize her metabolic function.

Life-Critical Water

Busy little Taffy must receive an abundant amount of clean, fresh water daily. After all, water comprises 60 to 70 percent of her body weight. If she suffers a 10 percent reduction in her body’s water, she’ll become extremely ill. A 15 percent decrease in body water will likely prove fatal. Keep your cat well hydrated to fend off this terrible outcome.

As Taffy progresses through her adult years, and becomes a feline senior citizen, your Indianapolis, IN vet will revise her diet as her needs change. To give your cat first-class nutrition, contact us for expert advice.

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