Pamper Your Dog With a Great Grooming Experience

Your golden retriever Jackson has a coat that really turns heads. The rich reddish color and impeccable styling give him a striking look that attracts the ladies’ attention. His perfectly trimmed leg feathers are like the icing on the cake. To keep his lush double coat in good shape, you brush him regularly and visit the groomer every few weeks. In fact, he has a grooming salon appointment tomorrow. When Jackson visits your Indianapolis, IN veterinarian for his checkup this week, he’ll look his absolute best.

Tail-Wagging Welcome

You’ll take Jackson to the grooming salon just after opening time. The dog-loving receptionist will happily greet your pooch while asking you about grooming instructions. If your vet has prescribed a specific shampoo, bring it with you. If you don’t want water in your dog’s ears, or have specific haircut directions, make your wishes crystal clear. After he’s checked in, your companion will get a personal escort to the work area.

Pre-Bath Prep Work

First, your lucky dog will receive a total brush-out. After the groomer removes annoying tangles and mats, they can’t morph into solid furry blobs when soaked with water.

If your canine housemate’s coat was so matted that brushing would be painful, the groomer might choose a total shave-down. That gives your dog a “clean slate” for the next appointment. Finally, this thorough pre-bath prep will include a careful nail trim and gentle ear cleaning.

Anal Gland Expression

Although you didn’t realize that the grooming service included anal gland expression, it’s a critical part of the process. Chances are, the groomer will place your golden retriever in the tub; although she could choose a large-dog floor bathing station.

Next, the groomer will express (or empty) your pooch’s anal glands. These two small fluid-packed sacs usually evacuate when he poops, although that’s not guaranteed. By keeping them cleared out, your dog will have a reduced chance of related medical problems.

Delightful Spa Session

Finally, Jackson receives his invigorating bath, complete with a fresh-smelling shampoo and pleasurable coat massage. Next, his groomer will give him a squeaky-clean rinse. She’ll thoroughly dry his coat before giving him a sharp-looking breed-standard clip and perhaps a bandanna.

When Jackson visits your Indianapolis, IN veterinarian, he’ll be a handsome-looking dog who commands attention. If your dog needs a professional makeover, contact us for an appointment.

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