Helpful Tips for Giving Your Kitty a Pill

Does your furball need to take medication? Fluffy may be less than cooperative when it comes to taking her pills. In this article, your local Indianapolis, IN, vet offers suggestions on how to give your cat a pill … without needing to seek medical attention yourself!

Pilling Your Cat

Ask your vet for a demonstration, so you know the proper way to open your furball’s mouth and insert the pill.


If your kitty is aggressive, wrapping Fluffy in the towel or blanket may be helpful. This will restrict her movements and keep those sharp little claws constrained.


Putting Fluffy on a table or counter will make it much easier for you to reach and handle her.


Timing can be very important! Pick a time when Fluffy is relaxed and calm, or even sleepy.


One way to get your furball to take a pill is to hide the medicine in her food. This will work best if Fluffy is hungry, so you’ll want to remove her food dishes for a few hours beforehand. Another method is to put the pill in kitty treats or pill pockets. Tuna is a popular choice among our feline friends!

Pill Poppers

You may find it easier to give your furball medicine with a pill popper. The device looks like a syringe, but actually holds a pill, which it will release when you push on the handle.


Sometimes, getting the pill into a kitty’s mouth is only half the battle. If Fluffy spits it out, you’re back at square one, with an irritated cat to boot. It may help to give your furball a tiny bit of water in a syringe to stimulate swallowing. You can also try blowing gently on Fluffy’s nose. This often makes our feline friends instinctively lick their noses, which also tends to make them swallow.


Ask your vet if there are any other options for her medication, such as flavored or liquid form.


It’s never a bad idea to trim your feline friend’s nails before giving her a pill!


After Fluffy has swallowed her pill, reward her with a special treat, or even a new toy. This will help your feline buddy form positive associations with her medication.

Do you have questions about your cat’s care? Contact us, your Indianapolis, IN, vet clinic, any time!

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