Gardening with Fido

Do you have a green thumb? As summer approaches, many of us enjoy spending time in our yards. Our canine friends may be wonderful, loyal, and loving companions, but they aren’t always the best gardening assistants! In this article from an Indianapolis, IN, veterinarian, you’ll read some tips on gardening with Fido.


Creating borders and barriers around your garden is one way to keep Fido from trampling your fragile plants. There are many options for this. You can use a low brick, wood, or stone wall, a fence, or even thick plants to create a border.

Go With The Flow

Have you ever watched what your canine buddy does when he’s in the yard? Does he run back and forth in specific spots? Does he have a favorite digging spot? Work with your pooch, and try to avoid planting in areas he uses frequently. Another option is to place paths that will let your dog continue to use his normal patrol route.

Plot Design

Keep Fido in mind when deciding where to sow different types of plants. For instance, put thicker, more durable plants towards the edge and along the outside of the garden, and place more fragile plants and flowers in the middle. Be careful not to use plants with thorns or spines that could hurt your pooch!

Choose Dog-Friendly Plants

Many common plants are actually very dangerous for our furry friends. Be very careful not to plant anything that could hurt your furry pal. You can find a complete list of toxic and non-toxic plants on the ASPCA website here.

Create A Puppy Playground

Distract your canine pal by making him a fun playground of his own. You can add a doghouse; obstacles, like ramps; or something fun, like a sandbox filled with treats and toys. He might be so interested in his own toys that he loses interest in your garden!

Stimulation and Exercise

Provide Fido with plenty of toys and stimulation, take time to play with him, and make sure he’s getting enough exercise. It won’t hurt to tire him out a bit, though of course you don’t want to overexert your pooch. Bored dogs tend to get into mischief, while tired dogs are more likely to nap!

Do you have questions about your dog’s health, care, or behavior? Please feel free to call us, your local Indianapolis, IN, veterinary clinic, anytime!

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