Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

Have you recently decided that it’s time for you to add a new furbaby to your household? Have you considered adopting from a shelter? Animal shelters are overflowing with sweet, loving animals that desperately need good homes and are running out of time. In honor of Adopt A Shelter Pet Day, which is April 30, an Indianapolis vet lists several benefits of adopting shelter pets.

Save On Medical Costs

Generally, shelter pets will be up to date on their vaccinations, and will have already been spayed and neutered. You can save hundreds of dollars on these procedures alone!

No Surprises

Many pets in shelters are already full-grown, and make absolutely wonderful pets! With adult pets, you don’t have to wonder what your furry pal will look like or act like as an adult.

Behavioral Testing

Shelter animals are usually put through behavioral testing before being put up for adoption. You’ll be able to see if the dog you are falling for will get along with your cat, for instance. This allows you to find a pet that fits into your household.

Support Animal Welfare

Many times, pet stores get their animals from puppy mills, which can be very cruel to animals. There are many reputable breeders, but there also others that only see their animals as dollar signs. By adopting from a shelter, you know you’re helping promote animal welfare, and not filling the pockets of a puppy mill owner.

Save A Life

To know that you’ve saved an animal’s life is a wonderful feeling. Our four-legged friends are often very emotional and intuitive, and are fully aware that you’ve saved them. You’ll be repaid with love, cuddles, and affection!

Pay Less

Buying from pet stores or breeders can be very expensive. Shelters generally have reasonable adoption rates that are much cheaper. If you know you want a specific breed, check for rescues that work with that breed.

Find The Perfect Pet

Shelters allow you to spend some one-on-one time with your new furry friend, so you can get an idea of what Fido or Fluffy’s personality is like and be sure it’s a good match.

With so many animals in shelters, the odds of finding a perfect companion are great!

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us any time! As your Indianapolis vet clinic, we are here to help.

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