Basic Rabbit Care

Are you considering getting a pet rabbit? Rabbits are very popular as pets, and for good reason. They are not only absolutely adorable, they are curious and playful, and can be very friendly and affectionate. Rabbits can even be trained to use a litter box, which is a definite plus! Read on for some basic bunny care tips from your veterinarian Geist.


The first thing potential bunny owners need to know is that these adorable little furballs need to chew. Rabbits’ teeth never stop growing, so chewing helps them to keep their teeth in shape. What this boils down to is that rabbit owners absolutely must bunny-proof their homes. Any exposed wires, furniture legs, and loose items are fair game without proper bunny-proofing.


Your bunny will need a fairly large cage or hutch. Make sure it’s big enough so your pet can hop around and stand up without being too cramped. You can use a large dog cage or a rabbit hutch. If the cage you choose is made of wire, make sure the bottom is covered by a solid material, so your rabbit doesn’t get his feet caught. When cleaning the cage, be sure not to use harsh cleaners, as those adorable little noses are very sensitive. White vinegar is a great option.


Your bunny will need a basic pellet food for his basic diet. Look for a formula that includes alfalfa or timothy hay. You’ll also want to give your bunny about 2 cups of fresh veggies every day. Some good options are bok choy, Brussels sprouts, cabbage leaves, Romaine lettuce, and clover, but there are many more choices. Just make sure to research a food before giving it to your pet, to be sure it’s safe for him to eat. As for treats, you can give your pet carrots, parsnips, dried fruits, grapes, or bananas. Occasionally, your pet can also have cereal, crackers, grains, or seeds. Your bunny will also need fresh water daily.


Like any other pet, rabbits need stimulation and toys to keep from getting bored. You can buy toys at a pet store, but you may find your rabbit also loves to play with some common items you already have in your house. Paper towel or toilet paper tubes, cardboard boxes, and crumpled paper balls are just a few options for things you can give your bunny as toys.

If you have any questions about rabbit care, please let us know. As your local vet Geist, we are here to help with all of your pet care needs.

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