Cats That Act Like Dogs

Does your kitty greet you at the door when you come home? Perhaps your furball likes to roll over for belly rubs, or even plays fetch. These things are typically considered doggy behavior, but there are some kitties that enjoy them just as much as our canine friends. In fact, some kitties seem to act more like dogs than cats! If you’re a dog lover who is considering getting a cat, you may find yourself falling in love with one of these felines. Here, your local vet Indianapolis goes over some basics on some kitties that are known for acting like dogs.


The Bengal, unlike most kitties, absolutely loves water. You might find your Bengal drinking from the faucet, or jumping into the shower. These exotic kitties also love to play fetch. Very active and curious, the Bengal is a bit of a handful, and needs lots of stimulation to keep from getting bored.

American Bobtail

The American Bobtail is a fluffy little cuddlebug that loves to play. These adorable furballs are easy to train to walk on leashes, and enjoy going on strolls with their owners. Just like dogs, they love to greet people at the door!


Bombays are very interesting kitties. The Bombay is not only the only all-black cat breed, they are notorious for acting like dogs. Bombay kitties can often learn how to walk on leashes, and even like to play fetch!


These cute kitties originated in ancient Persia, then decided to move in with some French monks, who may have named them after the famous local wines. They’re known for their adorable ‘smiles’, and for following their owners around like dogs. Chartreux kitties can often learn to fetch, and most will come when called.


These spotted cuties originated as a mix between the Abyssinian, American Shorthair, and Siamese, and is the only kitty bred to look like a wildcat. The Ocicat is noted for having very dog-like characteristics, including a fierce devotion to its owners. These kitties like to follow their owners around, like little spotted shadows.

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