Do’s and Don’ts of Dressing Up Your Dog

Do you dress up your dog? Some pet owners dress their dogs up just for fun, or because it looks cute, while others do it to keep their pets protected from harsh weather conditions, particularly in winter. A summer raincoat is probably more cute than necessary, but when in winter, your dog may appreciate the extra warmth of a jacket or sweater. Fido may have a fur coat, but that might not be enough protection when it gets really cold. While some dog breeds have thick fur that will help keep them warm, other dogs with thinner fur may still shiver on cold days. In this article, your local vet Geist goes over some options for dressing up your pooch:

Holiday Wear

The ugly sweater has somehow become a Christmas tradition, and it’s beginning to spread to our canine buddies. Keep an eye on your furry pal if you are bringing him to an ugly sweater party, to make sure he doesn’t overheat indoors. When it comes to Halloween, well, it’s hard not to chuckle at some of the costumes people put on their canine buddies. Make sure to put Fido’s safety first by putting him in a comfortable outfit that is not constricting, and that doesn’t have any small pieces or trailing ropes, strings, or tassels that could choke him or entangle him.


Dogs that have recently had their fur clipped short, dogs with thin coats, elderly dogs, and dogs with weak immune systems are most likely to benefit from having an extra layer of protection. Dogs with thick fur, such as a Malamute or Siberian Husky, don’t need clothes.

Basic Wardrobe

Many people enjoy dressing up toy dogs. Just be sure never to put Fido in anything that is too tight or too hot. Pay close attention to material when shopping for Fido. Wool, for instance, is warm, but it can also be itchy, and will need to be washed carefully. You may find that a blended fabric works best. Make sure your dog has plenty of room to move his legs, that he isn’t constricted, and that he can’t chew his clothing off.


Winter is harsh on our skin, and it can be just as hard on your pup’s paws. Not only is the snow and ice cold, but the salt, sand and chemicals used to de-ice roads and driveways can really irritate your pup’s paw pads. Boots will protect Fido’s feet from these harsh chemicals.

Remember to always put Fido’s safety first, and never leave your dog unattended when dressed.

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