Best DIY Rabbit Toys

Does your household include a rabbit? If so, you have a very adorable and fun pet! Rabbits are almost unbearably cute, especially when they are playing. These charming little furballs definitely do love to play! You don’t need to spend a lot of money on rabbit toys to keep your pet amused. You may already have quite a few things at home which would make great, inexpensive toys for your bunny.

Here are some suggestions from your Geist veterinarian for DIY rabbit toys:

Toilet Paper Roll Gift Bag

Take a small cardboard box, and place old toilet paper rolls in it so that they fit snugly. Drop a few treats into some of the rolls, and watch your bunny enjoy going after the hidden goodies.

Pine Cones

Untreated pinecones can be really fun for rabbits to play with and chew. You can purchase them at pet stores, or find them in the wild. Wash wild ones well, and let them dry thoroughly, before giving them to your little pet.

Slinky Salad Toy

You can take a Slinky, and put a few green, leafy veggies in it, such as lettuce. Hang it somewhere your bunny can get to it. Getting these treats out of the Slinky can occupy your furry friend for quite a while!

Cardboard Fun

Bunnies love to chew. They actually need to chew, to keep their front teeth trimmed. Your rabbit will probably enjoy cardboard boxes of all sizes. Feel free to try various arrangements, and give your bunny new boxes to explore and chew. You can hide treats in boxes randomly.

Teething Toys

Since bunnies love to chew so much, toys made for teething babies can be great for them. Just be sure to take the toys away if little bits start to break off, so your furry friend doesn’t accidentally ingest pieces.


Bunnies can have quite a bit of fun just with some plain paper. Crumpled up paper balls can keep bunny amused for a while. Your pet may toss these paper balls around, or may simply prefer shredding it. Just be sure to give your rabbit paper printed with soy-based inks, which are safe for bunnies.

In addition to the toys you give it, your rabbit will enjoy interactive games with you. Try different things, like rolling balls or playing peek-a-boo. Always play gently, and don’t make sudden movements or loud noises which could frighten your pet. Playing with your rabbit daily will strengthen the bond between you, and you will both be happier.

Please contact your Geist vet with any questions on caring for your rabbit.

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