Four Tips for a Slimmer Cat

Is your cat looking a little rounder than she should? If your feline friend is one of the thousands of overweight domestic pets, use these four tips from an Indianapolis veterinarian to slim her down.

Feed the Proper Food

If your cat’s kibble contains too much corn or rice, she’s getting a lot of empty calories that translate into extra pounds. A cat needs a food that is high in meat to provide protein. Feed a good-quality cat diet to help control your cat’s weight. Don’t hesitate to ask your veterinary professional for a recommendation on a great brand and type of food. Some cats may even benefit from a specially-formulated weight-loss diet.

Control the Portions

In addition to what you’re feeding your cat, it’s important to regulate how much you’re feeding your cat. Free-feeding—leaving the food bowl out at all times for a cat to eat as she pleases—will undoubtedly lead to obesity, especially since cats might eat even when they’re not particularly hungry. Put a properly-sized portion in the bowl, then leave it out for 20 minutes or so. Take it away after mealtime, even if there’s uneaten food left in the bowl.

Get Moving

Diet and exercise are the two classic ways to lose weight, and the same holds true for cats. Set aside time every day to get your cat exercising. Entice her with toys, laser lights, or pieces of string and get her active for at least several minutes. Regular exercise time will help burn calories, keep your cat mentally stimulated and engaged, and strengthen the bond between pet and owner!

Limit Treats and Table Scraps

Don’t forget that fatty table scraps can really pack on the pounds if they add up. Make sure your whole family knows not to slip kitty scraps at dinnertime. Also watch your cat’s treat consumption. If she’s getting a lot of cat treats for no real reason, they’re probably adding unnecessary calories. Save treats as rewards for good behavior or for training.

Of course, a veterinary check-up is another great way to get your cat started on the road to a slimmer body. Your Indianapolis veterinarian can advise you further on shedding some of your cat’s pounds and returning her to a healthy weight, so make an appointment today.

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