Help! My Guinea Pig Has Diarrhea

One of the most common symptoms of illness or disorders in guinea pigs is diarrhea. By knowing what to look for and what could cause it, you can make sure your pig returns to full health quickly. Learn more below from your Indianapolis vet.

What Causes Diarrhea?

Several causes may contribute to a display of diarrhea, including parasitic, viral, and bacterial infections. Digestive problems can also cause it, as can an improper diet. Your vet can tell you more potential causes of diarrhea in rodents.

Are There Other Accompanying Symptoms?

Many times, there are other symptoms that come along with diarrhea. Dehydration because of the loss of water is a common one, which in turn can lead to a hunched posture, sunken eyes, loss of appetite, weakness, and loss of fur quality. Of course, you may also notice soiling and matting around your guinea pig’s backside.

What Should I Do if My Guinea Pig Has Diarrhea?

If you see any of the above signs, call your veterinarian for a professional opinion. You may be asked to bring your pig into the clinic to be examined. If something is wrong, you’ll feel better having acted quickly to get your pig treatment. Remember to keep your vet’s phone number close by for just such an occasion.

How is Diarrhea Treated?

Since diarrhea is almost always symptomatic of an underlying condition, treatment is based on treating the root cause of your pig’s digestive upset. Antibiotics can be given for severe infections, and dietary supplements may help restore the bacteria balance in your pig’s digestive system. To combat dehydration, some pigs require fluid therapy to restore water levels.

Dietary management is often required once your pig gets home from the vet’s office. Plenty of water will probably be necessary, as well as changes to the diet. Sometimes, diarrhea can occur due to a loss of fiber, so a high-fiber diet might be prescribed. Ask your Indianapolis vet about other dietary management procedures that can help return your pig to full health.

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