Choosing a Healthy Kitten

After about 12 weeks of age, most kittens are ready to be brought home to a loving family. Before bringing her home, though, make sure your prospective pet is healthy. Use these health indicators from your Indianapolis veterinarian.


Watch the kitten you’re considering move around its current environment. At this age, a kitten should weigh around two pounds and have a good freedom of movement. If a kitten has an abnormal gait, or seems too fat or skinny, something could be wrong. A kitten that seems reluctant to run and pounce may be ill or injured, so ask the seller about the animal’s circumstances.

Head and Body

Get a closer look at your kitten’s head and body. The eyes should be clear and bright, the nose clean and cool, and the ears clean and dirt-free. A lot of brown wax in the ears might indicate an infection or the presence of ear mites.

The kitten’s fur should be free of tangles, bald patches, knots, and grime. A smooth and glossy coat means a healthy overall kitten, so think twice if the animal’s fur looks dry and dull.

Temperament and Personality

A poorly-socialized kitten could easily turn into an aggressive or fearful adult cat, so it’s important to select a kitten that’s been well socialized early on. Kittens should be eager for attention, and act curious when new things are introduced into the environment. Try dangling a small piece of string in front of the kitten. A healthy one will reach out a paw to take a swipe.


Take a look at the environment your potential pet is being held in. If it seems dirty, overcrowded, unkempt, or excessively hot or cold, the environment could cause health or behavioral problems in the long run. Make sure the living area is clean and sanitary.

Ask your Indianapolis veterinarian for more assistance with picking a healthy kitten, and call as soon as possible to set up your new pet’s first appointment!

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