Cleaning Your Pocket Pet’s Cage the Right Way

Not only will an unkempt pocket pet’s cage start to smell up your house, it can be a harbor for dangerous bacteria! Use these steps from an Indianapolis veterinary professional to properly clean your hamster, guinea pig, mouse, gerbil, or rat’s cage.

Gather Your Supplies

First things first: get your supplies together. You’ll need a back-up cage to put your pet in, rubber gloves to protect your hands, cleaning cloths and paper towels, a sponge or brush, soap, and a putty knife or razor blade to work on tough spots.

Move Your Pet

Before cleaning anything, move your pet to the back-up cage. This will eliminate all risk of chemicals or dangerous fumes reaching your pet. Make sure the back-up cage is fully stocked with everything your pocket pet needs until he’s ready to move back home.

Start Cleaning

Now you’re ready to start cleaning. Remove all your pet’s accessories from the cage. This includes food and water dishes, toys, wheels, and huts. Wash these items with hot water and soap and allow them to air dry. Then remove all the soiled bedding or litter from your pet’s cage and discard it.

Use your sponge or brush and cleaning cloths to wash all walls and the floor of your pet’s cage. Use the putty knife or razor blade to loosen any tough spots if necessary.

Rinse and Disinfect

Once all dirt has been removed from your pet’s cage, rinse every surface thoroughly with fresh, cool water. You’ll want to be sure to get rid of all remnants, since soap and chemicals could leave residue harmful to your pet. You can also spray the cage with a pet-safe disinfectant if you desire; ask your vet for a recommendation on such a product.

Reassemble the Cage

Once the cage itself and all accessories are completely dry, you’re ready to reassemble the cage. Put it all back together, put fresh lining in the bottom, and place all accessories back in their proper places.

Now you’re ready to reintroduce your pocket pet back to his fresh home! Consult your Indianapolis veterinarian if you have any questions, and ask about pet-safe cleaning products to use.

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