Exercising Your Pet Indoors

It’s cold, it’s windy, it might even be snowing—there are plenty of good reasons you may want to stay indoors. Of course, your pet still needs his exercise! Use the following suggestions from an Indianapolis vet to exercise your pet while staying inside.

Use the Stairs

Your home most likely already has a natural pet-exerciser built right in: the staircase! Stand at the top of the stairs with your pet’s favorite toy or a few treats. Call your pet, enticing him to run up the stairs. Reward him once he gets there, and repeat the process in the other direction. Running uphill will engage different muscles than your pet uses on flat surfaces, so it’s great exercise!

Play Games

If you have the space, smaller-scale versions of classic games like fetch and tug-of-war can provide great exercise for your pet, and they’re a lot of fun! Move all valuables to a safer location first.


Go around to different rooms of your home and hide treats, small amounts of food, or toys in various nooks and crannies. Then, call your pet and lead them around the house. They’ll be getting good exercise while hunting for the next treat.

Try Laser Pointers

Laser pointers can provide hours of entertainment and exercise for pets, especially cats. These devices are available at pet supply shops. They shine a laser light wherever you point it, often in the shape of an insect or mouse that your pet will love to chase. Your four-legged friend will be so intent on catching the mysterious light that he won’t realize he’s working up a sweat!

Check Out an Indoor Pet Center

Indoor pet centers are becoming more popular around the country. These facilities have agility courses, play areas, and socialization zones for pets, all indoors. A friendly, sociable pet who likes meeting others may really enjoy one of these facilities. Ask your vet if there are any near you.

Your Indianapolis veterinarian can offer more helpful suggestions for exercising your pet inside. Using these tips, your pet can get the exercise he needs without having to brave the harsh weather!

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